View Full Version : usb audio help

12th February 2013, 23:53
I have a usb sound card that uses the ASIO driver. The card works fine, I have a commercial program that uses it.
However, I would like to capture the audio output from it with a Qt program. No idea how to go about this and can't seem to find any clues on the forum or in the doc.

Any suggestions as to how to go about this?

13th February 2013, 12:12
1. Can you use for ASIO playback other Players, like Foobar (with ASIO plugin), HQPlayer or JRiver Player?

2. If yes - then read ASIO specification, everything is standardized, search in Google for an example.

13th February 2013, 16:10
Any suggestions as to how to go about this?

Have you looked at QtMultimedia?

13th February 2013, 17:13
Thanks Denis and d_stranz. I have found the asio spec. Looked at QMultimedia yesterday but I guess I didn't look closely enough as the spectrum example shows much of what I need to do.