View Full Version : getting error "exited with code -1073741515"

13th February 2013, 12:22
Hello everyone,
I am working on OpenCv using qt (version qt2010.04), when i run the program i am getting error

"Starting C:\Qt\2010.04\qt\OpenCVfirst\release\OpenCVfirst.e xe...
C:\Qt\2010.04\qt\OpenCVfirst\release\OpenCVfirst.e xe exited with code -1073741515"

my system configurations are

Windows 7
OpenCV 2.4.3
CMake 2.8

13th February 2013, 13:21
Search MSDN for error C0000135 (you are missing some DLL).

13th February 2013, 16:02
Interesting how we keep getting OpenCV questions where all the posters have the same system configuration, and the question just happens to be their first post to the forum.