View Full Version : QX11EmbedContainer issues when SSH

13th February 2013, 16:33
I have a QX11EmbedContainer that will embed an older X11 dialog. The older X11 dialog launches children dialogs. Sometimes the parent and child dialog of the older X11 dialog are open before the parent is embedded in the QX11EmbedContainer. The parent will get embedded and the child dialog remains unembedded. This is the correct behavior I want and everything works fine when running directly on a RED Hat 5.4 machine using KDE.

The problem occurs if I am on a solaris 5.10 machine and SSH in the redhat 5.4 machine. The -X flag was used when sshing. When the parent gets embedded the child dialog disappears. If I use xwininfo -all on the QT app that has the QX11EmbedContainer the child dialog is nowhere to be seen. I know the child dialog still exists as the child dialog's window ID is still valid and I can embed the child dialog in a QT Test app. It is almost like the child dialog is being orphaned. The same problem will occur if I use Exceed in multiwindow mode. Single window mode works correctly when using Exceed.

Does anyone know why the child dialog is going away?

I am using Qt 4.7.4 if that matters.