View Full Version : Are any C++ under Linux developers porting applications to 5.x yet?

20th February 2013, 14:31
I don't care about QML or any of the other stuff, few do from what I can tell.

Has anybody already ported or started porting an existing application or development effort to 5.x yet? If so, I would like to hear about the platform and your experiences, especially if it is an embedded application or involves device control with high response results graphing.

20th February 2013, 19:45
The developers at KDE have started porting their library code.
The Qt Project itself has obviously ported all their applications (designer, assistant, linguist, qtcreator). QtCreator can in fact be built with both Qt4 and Qt5 IIRC.


20th February 2013, 19:52
I ported wwWidgets to Qt5 some time ago. It took me around 10 minutes :)