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23rd February 2013, 10:50
I'm facing some troubles with using OpenCV libraries for Qt.. (Qt 4.8.0, Mac OS X)
I've downloaded and compiled them through cmake in: Macintosh HD/Library/OpenCV-2.4.0/builds_with_Qt/release/lib/
(just some few examples: I can see libopencv_calib3d_pch_dephelp.a, libopencv_calib3d.2.4.0.dylib and many others in that folder..)

Now I would like to use them as static in my Qt Project so I've inserted in my .pro file:
LIBS += -L"/Library/OpenCV-2.4.0/builds_with_Qt/debug/lib/" -l"libopencv_videostab_pch_dephelp.a"
INCLUDEPATH += "/Library/OpenCV-2.4.0/builds_with_Qt/debug/lib/"include

But when I compile the following message is displayed:
[I]"library not found for -llibopencv_videostab_pch_dephelp.a"

I also tried adding them through guided "Add Library.." procedure, but even if compiling goes fine I can not add any "#include <opencv*****>" to my main.h / main.cpp

Thanks in advance!


23rd February 2013, 14:04
try -l"libopencv_videostab_pch_dephelp"

INCLUDEPATH += "/Library/OpenCV-2.4.0/builds_with_Qt/debug/lib/"include

did you really use that? check closely...