View Full Version : Cleaned event list of main app, when qprocess finished.

26th February 2013, 12:14

I'm creating a simple application but I have some problem.
In my main screen I have a big button that it count how many times I touch the button,
also I have a small button on the top left that launches launch process, another application, the problem appears when you close the application that was launched in the process. The main app "myProcess.waitForFinished(-1);" is waiting for finish, and it run perfect. When we return to the principal app, all events that have been created in the previous process run again as if they were stored in a list while the process has been active.

I try to solved my problem with event filter, but I think that this is not a good solution for me because all events are executed twice, in the process and in the main application, but not at the same time, those events run in the main application when the process is finished, when the events should be run just in the process.

How can clear the event list in my main app when I return to it?

if anyone could help me would really appreciate it! THANKS

26th February 2013, 13:05
Where do those events come from? Events can't "migrate" from an external process to yours.

1st March 2013, 11:53
Hi wysota,
thanks for your help.

I know that may be going, I'm launching my application on embedded device and I think that all applications are connected with the touch device so all of them are listening and receiving the signals that it send. While QProcess is active in front, the touch device or the main application, inserts all event in a list to execute those events when the execution return to the main application.

When I read your post,I tried execution in VFB, the execution of the application runs perfect, all generated events were executed by the correct applications.

No that's what I can be doing wrong, some thing with the system environments