View Full Version : How to use Qt Creator to call MFC extensional dll

27th February 2013, 02:06
Hi All,

I have a third-party MFC MFC extensional dll, i want to use Qt Creator call it, but i don't know how to do it. if use VS+Qt, it maybe solved.

Can you give me advice to how to call third-party MFC extensional dll by Qt Creator?

Thanks your any advice.


27th February 2013, 02:17
Include the header, call the function, link to the library. Basic c++

27th February 2013, 02:52
it would appear “expected constructor, destructor, or type conversion before ...” when debugging.

my Qt Creator version is Qt SDK by Nokia v2010.05 (open source).

27th February 2013, 21:25
Great. And?

By the way, since that is a compiler error, I highly doubt you got that whilst 'debugging'.

Please try again when you have a Qt Programming question, and not a plain old C++ one.