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27th February 2013, 06:07
Hi guys.
How to focus on the line that exception occurs? For both Mingw(GDB) and msvc(CDB)? because with mingw(GDB) debugger, i've tried so much but the debuger goes dip into libs rather than stops at my code lines

27th February 2013, 07:54
I haven't tried it, but there's this link http://www.delorie.com/gnu/docs/gdb/gdb_31.html, hope that helps.

27th February 2013, 16:18
Look at the backtrace and scroll it up to the point where it shows your code and here you are.

BTW. How is this question related to "Qt Programming"?

27th February 2013, 20:20
Thanks for reply :) And sorry for that :(