View Full Version : Error with QML in Symbian Belle Refresh

27th February 2013, 15:22
After updating the FW on Nokia-C7 phone to Belle Refresh, I am facing following debug messages:-

S60EglEndpointFunctions::getProcAddress eglCreateEndpointNOK not found
Could not set SSL_CTRL_SET_TLSEXT_HOSTNAME, Server Name Indication disabled
Could not set SSL_CTRL_SET_TLSEXT_HOSTNAME, Server Name Indication disabled
could not set SSL_CTRL_SET_TLSEXT_HOSTNAME, Server Name Indication disabled

And my application shows some unwanted behaviour.

I get “S60EglEndpointFunctions::getProcAddress eglCreateEndpointNOK not found” when ever I want to download some file from server.

I am using QDeclarativeView to show some text (either by downloading from server or stored in the device itself).
It displays the Text present on device but do not show the downloaded text.

Again while coming back from the QDeclarativeView, I'm not able to enter text into QTextEdit. The text entering will be enabled only if we get a dialogbox.

The same build runs Superfine on Symbian Anna Devices (Nokia-E7 & Nokia-N8) without fail.

Kindly suggest a solution or work around to run the build successfully on Belle Devices as well.

Thanks in advance,

27th February 2013, 16:15
Are all you non-Qt programs working properly?

1st March 2013, 12:12
Sorry wysota,

I could not understand your question.

Rather I would like to inform you that the application has been developed on "Symbian Anna QT 4.7.4" and it works in Symbian Anna OS without any error.

You can ask me more details.

Thanks for your help.

1st March 2013, 12:31
I'm asking about other applications. I'm assuming you have some applications preinstalled on your device other than the one you're currently developing. The message you are getting is not generated by Qt but rather by the SSL stack on your device thus I'm asking whether all applications behave this way or only the one you are writing.