View Full Version : Qt5 Ubuntu packaging

7th March 2013, 15:23

Can you tell me how to package Qt5 C++ application. I packaged Qt4 applications using pbuilder but now I have some problems with pbuilder and I can't package my app properly. Please help me.

8th March 2013, 07:19
How you package an application hasn't changed and has nothing directly to do with Qt. Qt applications, like any application you package, needs all the relevant components in the package or a way for the package manager to find and install them.

8th March 2013, 15:00
I think you are wrong. I package Qt5 application in the same way as Qt4 but when I package Qt5 application I have tons of dependencies problems although I installed all those libs manually. This is what I include when packaging Qt5: debhelper (>= 8.0.0), qtbase5-dev. Those are common libs for simplest application and of course they are installed but I get dependencies errors.