View Full Version : what the difference betwee QDesktopWidget::availableGeometry(int) screenGeometry

21st March 2013, 11:46
what is the difference between QDesktopWidget::availableGeometry(int) and screenGeometry ?

21st March 2013, 17:43
According to the docs QDesktopWidget::availableGeometry() will usually be smaller than QDesktopWidget:: screenGeometry() for the same screen. For example, on Windows, the available geometry might subtract out things such as the Windows task bar, but screen geometry does not. So if the task bar is 50 pixels high, the height() of the QRect returned by availableGeometry() could be 50 pixels less than the QRect returned by screenGeometry().

I do not know if this actually happens on Windows, or if changes to the task bar's "Always on top" property changes the availableGeometry.