View Full Version : QtConcurrent std::bad_alloc

11th April 2013, 04:14
Hi all,

My app is using Qtconcurrent and was very happy until i switched machine. My app has been running on Quad core machine windows 7 64 bit , but my app is a mingw 32 bit compiled, without a problem. Then this new machine came in with hyperthreaded quad core stuff ( OS sees 8 cores) it starts crashing. It crashes when i do QtConcurrent , but when i switch to just 1 thread it runs fine.

Further investigation shows that, the exception thrown is std::bad_alloc. I ran this app in my old machine which has 4Giga bytes of memory without a problem. Now my new machine with 16Gig of memory is telling throwing some std::bad_alloc? its just won't add up. Any suggestion and comments will be highly appreciated.


11th April 2013, 07:23
I suggest you fix your code :)