View Full Version : QT 5 and menubar under Ubuntu

27th April 2013, 00:46
Hello everyone,

I've used until know Qt 4.8 to develop my project, I've now upgraded to Qt 5 but there's a thing I don't understand. Is there a possibility, that the menubar is not added to the window but rather to the menubar provided by the Operating System (Ubuntu). I mean that style that you have under Mac OS. Is there a way around so I can use this "old" mecanism instead of the new menubar in Qt 5.0 or is this just a problem with Ubuntu that does not yet support what Qt supplies ;)


27th April 2013, 02:21
As I understand it, the Ubuntu repository Qt4 packages are patched to support the Unity menu. Standard Qt libraries are not. It looks like Qt5 support is a work in progress.


28th April 2013, 20:23
great, thanks for clarifying this ;)