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28th April 2013, 09:45
I've got problem with Qt 5.1.
After writting a huge software containing qml and cpp files with Qt5.0.0 we decided to import it into Qt5.1 so we can use CreateWindowContainer method of QWidget.
While using CreateWindowContainer(QWindow *window,...) method and adding created widget in tabWidget we got following Assert error and i don't have any idea what's going on:

I've tested a simple QtQuick and embedded it in Qwidget and qtabwidget and that's ok!
note: I'm using QtQuick 2.0 and and QtGraphical Effects.

Have any one has any idea what could be the problem? and can i debug my qml to findout in which line my codes gives assert error? if so, how can i do that with cdb (I've never debug with qml)?

Thanks in Advance

28th April 2013, 10:10
The problem could be your code.

28th April 2013, 10:21
I know! but in Qt5.0.0 there is no error. can i debug it?

28th April 2013, 10:32
In 5.0.0 you are not using the method introduced in 5.1 that may have some requirements your code doesn't satisfy. Yes, debugging is an obvious step to make.

28th April 2013, 10:34
I forgot to tell that at first application is ok and there is no error but when i change to another tab and then click on embedded qwindow tab the error will appear

10th September 2013, 20:20
I am also getting the same error while trying to set the widget from the function to QDockWidget. Did you get any solution for that ?


11th September 2013, 08:48
On debugging seems like error with QquickTextEdit while calling updatePaintNode, parent not being set properly asset is getting fired.

Any hint how to solve this issue ? Is this known bug in QML ?


15th September 2013, 11:03
Yeah that's a bug and I've reported it:

15th September 2013, 11:54
Yeah that's a bug

You don't know that. Your report has not been evaluated yet even though you reported it almost half a year ago. For instance for me your example program doesn't crash at all.

15th September 2013, 14:46
You don't know that.Your report has not been evaluated yet even though you reported it almost half a year ago. For instance for me your example program doesn't crash at all.
Yeah with final version of Qt it won't crash at all but I've reported it with Qt 5.1.0 beta and with that the example will crash.
Besides that, that report has evaluated and reported. If it isn't evaluated so why it has label of P2: Important.?

Added after 6 minutes:

Actually I've tested it again with Qt 5.1 final and it still crashs. You have to change the tabs to see the bug.

16th September 2013, 04:17
It doesn't crash for me on Linux.

16th September 2013, 09:41
may it crashes in windows.

17th September 2013, 20:15
For me it is crashing in windows and when i am using createWindowContainer more than once