View Full Version : How to crosscompile .pro file to work as exe in windows in qt linux environment ?

2nd May 2013, 09:25
I am new to QT.
I have developed QT GUI application on linux using QT 5.1 and i want to generate exe for windows using executable in QT 5.1.
How to cross-compile.pro project file which is in linux for windows environment to work as a exe without any error ?
Can you please guide me it is very urgent.

2nd May 2013, 11:15
You should post this in Newbie section. You need not cross compile it. The only requirement is Qt should also be installed in your Windows environment. The same program should build and run fine on both the systems as Qt is independent of OS.

3rd May 2013, 00:23
it's simpler to make a virtual machine and compile natively in the virtual machine.