View Full Version : qtopia window decoration cannot show caption

31st January 2007, 07:02
hi, all

i am studying qtopia2.2.0. in some applications, the phoneheader is not needed to show, hide it, so the window decoration of the widget can be shown. but it only show a retangle area of highlight color without caption. however, if the widget is a QDialog, the caption can be shown.

anyone knows the window decoration in qtopia?
i checked the code, it seems qpeapplication::applyStyle() function calls qwsSetDecoration( ), whose parameter is QPEDecoration. with phone version, finally it uses PhoneDecoration, but PhoneDecoration does draw TitleText. so what is the problem?

anyone can help me? thanks in advance.

13th March 2007, 08:09
i find the answer.

PhoneDecoration does draw TitleText, but only when the window is not maximized. however, we use QTOPIA_MAIN macro which will show the main window maximized, so the caption won't show.