View Full Version : Fancy Browser and Virtual keyboard support

7th May 2013, 07:27
Hi Experts,
I am using Fancy Browser, Here i have successfully added Virtual keyboard source code.
Browser address bar (url text field) is QLineEdit, So When i click the address bar the Virtual Keyboard is pop up’d. I am using the below code in the browser source code.

locationEdit = new QLineEdit(this);
lineEditkeyboard = new Keyboard();
connect ( locationEdit ,SIGNAL ( selectionChanged ( ) ),this,SLOT ( run_keyboard_lineEdit ( ) ) );

void MainWindow::run_keyboard_lineEdit()
QLineEdit *line = (QLineEdit *)sender();

My problems are,

I can view the www.google.com webpage. But When i click the Google search text field in the Webpage the same virtual keyboard not pop up’d. I know we need to add the support in the browser code.

To get the virtual keyboard when click the input text box (with in a web page) Which even event function/Class/Members i should use? Could you Please give me a sample code to understand.