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26th May 2013, 16:06
I have an "mainwindow" containing a "add_dir" button to create a new folder. When I push the button, it opens a new "dialog" window . "Dialog" window contains a "qtextedit" and "accept" button and a "cancel" button. I want to use text from "qtextedit" to create a directory with that name.
Mainwindow and Dialog are two different classes.

In Mainwindow class i have an Dialog object . "accept" button slot from "Dialog" class increment an private QString variable . I have a public method in "Dialog" class to return private variable but in that method private variable is empty. If i display private variable in slot it have the value with text tapped in "qtextedit" .

How can i rezolve that problem ?

Or you can give me another way to solve my problem?

28th May 2013, 14:18
Without seeing any code there is no way to determine what your actual problem is.