View Full Version : Why my aplication QT + widget development in C++ compile right , but not start?

luis infante
31st May 2013, 22:51
Hello friends

I have a problem with my application, this started right yesterday but now compile but not start, I using QTCreator 4.7.4 with visual C++ compiler too I use a library of a mathematic solver (named ilocplex)

This not is the first time of this error but I can solve this problem of execution in the past but I can't solve now

message of error
C:\QTCplex_DOC\QTCplex-build-desktop\debug\QTCplex.exe exited with code -1073741515

other problems is that the modifications in the forms of the application (add new components, set value in text box etc) not compile , the solution that I use is compile without shadow directories , I compile two times but I wish known a best solution a this problem of update in the visual components

1st June 2013, 00:13
Are you building in debug mode? If not, why not? Did you do a clean rebuild before running the program?

Run your program in the debugger. When it crashes, look at the traceback in the call stack until you get to the call in your code that resulted in the crash.
At that point, if you haven't figured it out, then you might have enough information to post a meaningful question here.

1st June 2013, 07:41
Google is great. -1073741515 is c0000135 which means STATUS_DLL_NOT_FOUND i.e. Yours application use some dll that is not available. Use Dependency walker (http://www.dependencywalker.com/) to find which one is missing.