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4th June 2013, 14:27

This should be simple. Now that the Qt serial port library has been moved to the qt 5 trunk and completely re-gizzed, where is the _correct_ link to pull down a version that will work with 4.8.x and still be syntactically correct with the "official" 5.x trunk member. Are the git commands and instructions found here:


still accurate. There is a note near the top that the project has moved into the qt5 trunk, but nothing said about the page being updated and correct.


4th June 2013, 17:32
As far as I know QtSerialPort is backward compatible with qt 4.x. So you can pull out the latest version and use it safely.

5th June 2013, 14:28
It is backwardly compatible. What I was looking for was confirmation the git command from that Web page would pull the latest version.