View Full Version : SSL support slows the start of the app

9th June 2013, 11:07
I have built Qt 4.8.4 with OpenSSL support with MinGW (gcc 4.7.3) on Windows 7. My network application now starts very slow. Without SSL support it starts in 200 ms., but with OpenSSL support - 800-900 ms. It looks like SSL initialization takes 600-700 ms. My PC is based on Phenom II X6. Is there a way to speed up the application startup?

9th June 2013, 23:20
use a profiler and check where the bottle neck is, then you can go from there. You have hardly given enough info for us to say anything useful.

10th June 2013, 12:47
Ok, I have compiled Qt successfully with win32-g++-4.6 profile. The profiling results are attached. Looks like q_RAND_status function takes too much time to execute.
http://i47.fastpic.ru/thumb/2013/0610/33/acc47db701908cde49df3d822b157933.jpeg (http://fastpic.ru/view/47/2013/0610/acc47db701908cde49df3d822b157933.png.html)