View Full Version : QtScriptEngine and QtScriptDebugger inquiry

19th June 2013, 05:05

I’ve been traying to make some implementation using QtScript and QScriptDebugger, but I wonder if ayone have information regarding the following topic:

When using the function attachTo() of QtScriptDebugger, in the documentation it says that it sets a “custom” QScriptAgent, to the ScriptEngine, and that if I would like to have more monitoring regarding my script execution I should create a Proxy Agent and fordward the required events to this “custom” Script Agent set by the ScriptDebugger to the ScriptEngine.

So how can I make or implement this kind of proxy agent to forward the events? I think I get the main idea/concept behind this stuff, but I just can’t find any example or deeper information on the web and I haven’t figured it out yet, so that’s why I am asking for some help.

Hopefully someone has some information regarding this topic!

Thanks in advance!