View Full Version : loadFinished() signal not emitted for currentFrame()

28th June 2013, 09:41
I am trying to capture the loadFinished() signal of QWebFrame. check the snippet below

connect(m_WebView->page()->currentFrame(), SIGNAL(loadFinished(bool)), this,

"var evObj = document.createEvent('MouseEvents');evObj.initEven t( 'click', true, true );this.dispatchEvent(evObj);"

but this signal is not emitted. I think the currentframe is already loaded. When the button click event is executed a new frame is loaded. But how can I get that frame so that I can connect to loadFinished().

Please help.

29th June 2013, 08:19
My problem is solved I am using a QTimer with singleshot for updating the site with click. Then it comes ok I am able to fetch data using QWebElement . Thanks a lot friend.