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28th June 2013, 15:18
Hello everyone,

I installed today Qt5.1.0-rc on Windows 7 with the offline binary installer. (the correct binary ie msvc2012 x86 since I'm using Visual Studio 2012 on a Windows7 32-bit edition)

Everything goes smoothly for the building, but when I try to launch the debug, I got the error message "QtCored4.dll is missing".
(I get the message inside Visual Studio but also when double-clicking on the exe file, or launching it from the command line editor)

Which is quite strange since I'm using Qt5.

I was using Qt4 before, but I updated the PATH environment variable with the path to the bin directory inside the Qt5 folder (which is btw containing the "Qt5Cored.dll" library the system should look for).

Does anyone have an idea ?


Added after 55 minutes:

More information about this problem :
- When building, I can see that the qmake used is the one from the 5.1.0 directory

Maybe this has nothing to do qith the problem, or maybe everything...
- In visual Studio, although the VC++ Directories are set with the correct paths (%QTDIR%\bin, ...\lib and ...\include, where QTDIR it pointing to the Qt5.1.0 folder), the MACRO "QT_VERSION" is shown as "0x040804" (meaning Qt4.8.4)

P.S.: I already restarted Visual Studio, and the computer.

28th June 2013, 15:45
What does the dependency walker say?

28th June 2013, 15:55
It says it calls:
which is correct

and also
which seems to belong to Visual Studio 2010...

28th June 2013, 15:59
Does it refer to QtCore4d.dll anywhere?

28th June 2013, 16:30
Yes it does !
The exe uses a library I compiled with Qt4.

I temporary copied the QtCore4d.dll inside my exe's folder, and it works !
(I'll recompile with the new Qt version now)

Thanks a lot !

P.S.: Now, I'll always ask the dependency walker.

I'll look for the Visual Studio issue, and create a new thread if I don't succeed.