View Full Version : How to use imaging source camera with qt.

Bandu Baragali
29th June 2013, 06:52
Hi All,

Good Morning.

I am trying connect imaging source camera by using unicap packages in qt.

Please do find the attchament of project file.

Please If Any one have camera code for Imaging source camera's(USB and Firewire).??

Please Help out in this regrads.

Thank you

8th March 2014, 11:03
Check this

8th March 2014, 12:14
On Windows you can use the C library ("IC Imaging Control C Library "), can be downloaded here : http://www.theimagingsource.com/en_US/support/downloads/
I've used it with DFK Industrial usb cameras to control stuff like auto white balance, exposure etc. and DirectShow to do image capture, it works great.
I don't know about other platforms, though.

8th March 2014, 15:46
Initial question was related to Unicap, so it was also related to Linux.
So: On windows, you are right, ICControl and/or DirectShow can be used and on Linux it's required to use V4L2 layer and/or a wrapper like Unicap.
This is true ( despite special case of ICControl) for a large number of cameras / webcams.
V4L2 on Linux and DirectShow on Windows have quite same intention : providing some "generic multimedia" api.