View Full Version : QDockWidget inside QDockWidget

30th June 2013, 06:15
Is it possible to add QDockWidget inside QDockWidget ?
I want an array of widgets (not tabs...all visible) inside a dock widget which can be floated together as a single widget. Currently I am using QSplitter inside QDockWidget. I want to enhance it with the capability of floating individual widgets also. How to do this?

30th June 2013, 22:31
I think you can do that by having multiple dockwidgets at the same dock area.
Dockwidgets can be tabbed and below/beside each other when docked into the same area.

Check for example Qt Designer or Qt assistant.


30th June 2013, 23:26
I think the OP wants to be able to undock the entire content of a dock area (i.e. multiple stacked dock widgets) into a single floating super-dockwidget. The super-dockwidget should also allow undocking/docking of the dock widgets it contains. This is not possible out of the box. You might be a be to fake it with second top-level QMainWindow if it will allow dock widget docking (don't know, never tried).

1st July 2013, 13:57
Need think over both suggestions. Let me see if First suggestion will serve the purpose.