View Full Version : QGraphicsOpacityEffect does not work on OSX without graphics system 'raster'

9th July 2013, 13:02

I am trying to use QGraphicsOpacityEffect to make widgets transparant and to animate transparency. However I found out that this does not work on mac OSX without setting the qt graphics system to "raster", using QApplication::setGraphicsSystem("raster"). When I set the graphics system to "raster" the QGraphicsOpacityEffect works fine, but I get annoying and ugly flickering when I resize my window and problems with my mainwindow randomly showing completely blank at startup. Does anybody know about a way to get QGraphicsOpacityEffect working on OSX without these side-effects?

I would really appreciate any help. Thanks!


22nd July 2013, 16:09
No ideas? Anybody..?