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8th February 2006, 08:56
I am very very new to Qtopia, as you all, I have knowledge in Qt 3 to 4..

I need to know some of the basics about Qtopia programming
where i can go for?

and What is QTE ? What is Qtopia ?

Can we have Qt ( of any version ) in the same machine where Qtopia there ?

Kindly guide me

Thanks in advance

9th February 2006, 21:52

Have fun!

10th February 2006, 04:00
Thanks for the response

Any PDF format available for download

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10th February 2006, 05:15

I have Qt 4.1.0 Open Source @ Fedora Core 4
I want Qtopia 4, so i downloaded the "qtopia-core-opensource-src-4.1.0.tar.gz"from trolltech site and configured it.

I am able to run the example program in the Qtopia directory and it is
using 'qvfb' tool provided by Qt 4.1.0.

Now, My question is the Qtopia examples are using QPEApplication or not,

I think Qtopia 4 does not need QPEApplication, is my assumptions right?

If not, kindly give me a small "Hello world" Qtopia sample Program and
steps to compile and run it on qvfb

Many Thanks

13th February 2006, 03:43
Hi All, I am waiting for the reply

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14th February 2006, 07:18
Might it be a bad question ?

dont mind...

answer me please..


15th February 2006, 21:21
I have some things for you, although they are not directly related to your questions:

Qtopia is like a set of additional classe for Qt. They run on top of Qt/Embedded and provide a window system and some more stuff, making an environment for Qt-programms to run. On other plattforms, you have the native window system, application launcher and so on, on embedded linux you don't have and thats the part Qtopia takes. Qtopia was based on Qt 2, there was never a version based on Qt 3 although there was Qt/Embedded based on Qt 3. I think a few days ago Trolltech released a version of Qtopia based on Qt4. Starting with the Qt 4 series, Qt/Embedded is renamed to Qtopia core.

I think Qtopia 4 does not need QPEApplication, is my assumptions right?

Why should it not need it?

16th February 2006, 03:15
Thanks Axe,

Finally I got some idea from you Thanks a lot...

BTW, answering to your question ...

I downloaded qtopia-core-source from trolltech site and installed it as per instructions..

the examples given are running on qvfb with out any problem..
when i see the source code, i find all examples are using QApplication instance and
not using QPEApplication instance...

That's Y i asked that question or made that assumption

what is your comment


17th February 2006, 01:06
Trolltech renamed 'Qt Embedded' 4 to 'Qtopia Core'. It's still the same code, and it doesn't have QPEApplication classes.


20th February 2006, 02:53
so for QTE4, QApplication will work with out any problem, right?

Thanks for the answers and time spent


10th March 2006, 04:41
I am using Qtopia 1.7* version for development..
I need to access AlarmServer from my application...

when this is executed

AlarmServer::addAlarm(myAlarmTime, "QPE/Application/clock",
"Hello Alarm", 123);

it always gives this message @ console

AlarmServer waiting 329 seconds
QCopChannel: no client registered for channel QPE/PIM

what could be the problem?? kindly suggest me

thanks in advance:)