View Full Version : different behavior between Win7 and Ubuntu - opengl and virtualbox???

17th October 2013, 16:05
I've created an image display qmdiapp using 5.1.0. On Win7 I get the expected behavior. My Ubuntu 12.x Linux is running in a virtualbox window (on my Win7 pc), and maybe that is the source of the problem(s). I've created a separate popup dialog that acts as an overview window (for images that are too big to fit in the display window). On Linux, the overview window can't be dragged off the mdiapp window. It also is very difficult to move (grabbing the border and dragging doesn't work). Other popup dialogs work as expected, but they aren't using opengl to (re)draw the overview image. The mdiapp window(s) that have images won't let another popup dialog be topmost (it is like the opengl refresh overwrites any overlapping portions).

So is my solution a native boot to Ubuntu? Or have others used qt opengl in a virtualBox Linux window and gotten correct results?

17th October 2013, 18:41
I would definitely check with a native system if OpenGL is involved.
If you have an Intel Graphics Chip then a live CD might already work, if you have an AMD or Nvidia graphics card, then you wll want to test with the hardware vendor's driver.