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21st October 2013, 15:25
I have two questions that are both related to the QHeaderView for a QTableView:

1. How can I set the vertical header width? I can use the model to set the data to " " or some other character but i would prefer to set a fixed pixel width. Setting a minimum size for the horizontal header does not seem to have any effect on the vertical header's width.

2. I have given each vertical header a background color. This color is overridden when the row is selected, provided setClickable() has been set to True. How can i override the selected header item's background color using the QPalette?

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21st October 2013, 18:13
You could try to use QSS, see Customizing QHeaderView (http://qt-project.org/doc/qt-4.8/stylesheet-examples.html#customizing-qheaderview).

21st October 2013, 18:35
I'll try that! If i can't use QSS, is there any other way?

21st October 2013, 22:17
QHeaderView::setDefaultSectionSize() and QHeaderView::resizeSection() called on the verticalHeader() of the view. You might also want to set the resizeMode().

22nd October 2013, 08:12
For the first option you can use for instance:


The second option is a bit harder to implement. You will probably need to reimplement QHeaderView::paintSection.
Because of drawing section is based on a current style (QStyle) changing palette of a header can't give you expected result.

So, we don't you simply user QSS as I suggested before, it works fine for the second option.

24th October 2013, 10:18
Using QSS worked for controlling the selection color but with the Style i'm using i had to override the regular QHeaderView::section with a style-sheet as well.

In my case i need to vary the color depending on what state my application is in, so constantly switching the stylesheet might be ineffective in that regard. I managed to override paintSection per your recommendation and can thereby paint the section with a dynamic color. As you mentioned, i could not simply change the palette and had to draw the rectangle and text manually. It doesn't look as nice as I would like but might be good enough in this case. Here is the code:

class RowHeader : public QHeaderView
void paintSection(QPainter* painter, const QRect& rect, int logicalIndex) const
QModelIndexList selectedRows = this->selectionModel()->selectedRows();
foreach (const QModelIndex& rowIndex, selectedRows){
if (rowIndex.row() == logicalIndex){
QBrush brush = qvariant_cast<QBrush>(rowIndex.data(Qt::BackgroundRole));
QString text = qvariant_cast<QString(rowIndex.data(Qt::DisplayRole));

painter->drawText(rect, Qt::AlignCenter, text);
QHeaderView::paintSection(painter, rect, logicalIndex);

Thanks to everyone who responded to the thread!