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26th October 2013, 17:01

I am trying to translate my program, but I am facing a problem. I am receiving the following error message: "lupdate not found or is wrongly written".

In my .pro file, I added the follwing:

TRANSLATIONS = nameProject_en.ts

I used the command prompt of Qt to get the file in wich my program is saved.

Could you help me fixing this problem?

Many thanks in advance.

27th October 2013, 10:19
Well, does lupdate exist on your machine? Is it in the PATH of your shell? If not, how did you install Qt? Which version?

27th October 2013, 13:41
Hello ChrisW67 and thanks for your reply.

I am using Qt 4.8.4.

Yes, I can see lupdate and also lrelease that I will use later.

T thought that I was making mistake by getting the path to my file, by not, because I also right-clicked on my .pro file to get directly to it through invite command, where I typed the following:

lupdate myProject.pro,

I always received the error message that lupdate can not be found.

Any help?

Many thanks in advance

28th October 2013, 06:06
Is it in the PATH of your shell?

The error message is simply because in the environment that is trying to execute "lupdate' it is not in the PATH.