View Full Version : GroundST - A new serial terimnal

1st November 2013, 15:39
I would like to announce here that there is a new Serial (RS232) Terminal.
There are probably a lot of bugs, but I'm announcing to every one who wants to use.
I really would like feedbacks.

The idea is "emulate a console terminal". Just like any other terminal in the Unix world. The idea was to get a better serial terminal to be used to develop with micro controllers.
The original code was based on CuteCom, but now it does not look like. It was totally rewritten.
Now it uses QtSerialPort (http://qt-project.org/doc/qt-5.1/qtserialport/qtserialport-index.html)

My code is hosted on bitbucket and there is a tag v1.0 which can be downloaded here:

And the source code is here:

If there is anyone who wants to contribute, please contact me.


20th December 2013, 05:04
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