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11th November 2013, 18:17

Here is the first version of the graphic editor for QxOrm library : QxEntityEditor !


QxEntityEditor provides a graphic way to manage the entities (or classes) and generate automatically the C++ source code. QxEntityEditor is based on plugins, and will provide soon many new features to import/export your project.

For now, this is a BETA version : ODBC import plugin doesn’t work yet. All other features should work without any problem.

This BETA test should continue until the 15 of january 2014.
Here is a valid license key for the BETA version (without this license key, you will be limited to 5 entities per project in the graphic editor) :

AwNIX7qeBbchVi3vIXUbok9MZNnuO6zv/KFwy4TRHqTJy2QkzbiIs6ywV5hcXsP3bcQjLMh6gTKxcjcq1BL d6hrBKmaQSPHLSfSB6kqixUvSIbT4elQYFphbaOt+zpk5hT4Kg Yro2SlPEdJaXhw1xfO4CWQJncTJ/aUly7o3hIczbo5WFNQYh18=

QxEntityEditor is available on many systems, just select the link for your environment :

Windows 32 bits (http://www.qxorm.com/version/QxEntityEditor/QxEntityEditor_1.1.1_win_32b.zip) ;
Windows 64 bits (http://www.qxorm.com/version/QxEntityEditor/QxEntityEditor_1.1.1_win_64b.zip) ;
Windows XP (http://www.qxorm.com/version/QxEntityEditor/QxEntityEditor_1.1.1_win_xp.zip) ;
Linux 32 bits (http://www.qxorm.com/version/QxEntityEditor/QxEntityEditor_1.1.1_linux_32b.tar.gz) ;
Linux 64 bits (http://www.qxorm.com/version/QxEntityEditor/QxEntityEditor_1.1.1_linux_64b.tar.gz) ;
Mac OS X (http://www.qxorm.com/version/QxEntityEditor/QxEntityEditor_1.1.1_macosx.zip)

Thx to everyone to test this BETA version !

Note : here is a link to the last BETA version of QxOrm library (1.2.6) : http://www.qxorm.com/version/QxOrm_1.2.6_BETA_18.zip

QxOrm and QxEntityEditor website : http://www.qxorm.com

11th December 2013, 18:05

A new version of QxEntityEditor just released : QxEntityEditor 1.1.2 (BETA) - the graphic editor of QxOrm library !

QxEntityEditor 1.1.2 changes :

new plugin to generate DDL SQL script (database schema) for SQLite, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle and MS SQL Server databases ;
the new DDL SQL plugin manages automatically schema evolution for each project version (ALTER TABLE, ADD COLUMN, DROP INDEX, etc.) ;
add post-it or comments in the entities viewer ;
option to display or not property type in the entities viewer.

Next steps :

new plugin to generate C++ services classes to transfer data model over network using QxService module (http://www.qxorm.com/qxorm_en/tutorial_2.html) ;
tutorial to explain how to install a dev environment to build Android applications using QxOrm/QxEntityEditor (and maybe an iOS tutorial too) ;
tutorial to show basic features of QxEntityEditor.

QxEntityEditor 1.1.2 is a BETA version, you can download it here : http://www.qxorm.com/qxorm_en/download.html

Note : here is the last BETA version of QxOrm library : http://www.qxorm.com/version/QxOrm_1.2.6_BETA_19.zip