View Full Version : Uploading large file to FTP using QNetworkAccessManager

14th November 2013, 01:46
My issue is quite similar to the post here (http://www.qtcentre.org/threads/51348-Putting-large-size-file-on-FTP-using-QNetworkAccessManager), but Chris's solution only worked partway for me.

When I upload a small file (say, 750 bytes), everything works as expected. But when I PUT a large file (say, 65MB), I see the file created on the FTP with zero bytes and I'm unable to remove it from the FTP (using FileZilla) until I close the application, suggesting that it's still in use, but no data ever uploads. My QNetworkReply never emits uploadProgress(), finished(), or error(), so I don't have anything to troubleshoot.

I'm completely stumped. Any ideas? I can post sample code, but it's basically the same as what ChrisW67 posted.

14th November 2013, 22:48
Can you put the same file in the same place on the same server using the same credentials and a generic FTP program?

14th November 2013, 22:52
Yes. I have copied the exact same file to the same location on the same server using FileZilla and the same username, password, port, and address.

It is also the exact same location, server, address, port, username, and password that I used to copy the small file using QNetworkAccessManager. All that changed is the file (and size, of course).

Both source files came from the same local folder on my computer.