View Full Version : Problem with multiple QGLWidgets

16th February 2007, 14:37

in my application there are two 3D windows, each one corresponding
to a derived class of QGLWidget. These windows share display lists/textures
and use the same QGLFormat at creation.

If I only show a single view everything is fine, but if I show both the
application becomes very unstable after a small amount of time (about 2 minutes).
All other widgets of my application are not refreshed correctly and
finally it crashes in the OpenGL driver.

Maybe it has something to do with context switching.

Any help is welcome.

16th February 2007, 18:25
Do you use makeCurrent()?
I'm not expert with multiple OpenGL context, but once i had a problem related to its use.

23rd February 2007, 14:37
Well the problem was something related, I did't call makeCurrent() at the right place in my code, thanks...