View Full Version : Some works Qt 5.1.1 on Windows XP ?

19th November 2013, 20:08
Hello everyone, I have a PC running Windows XP 32-bit Slackware 14.0.
For a long time I used Qt 4.8.2 and Qt Creator 2.5.2 for MinGW version 4.4 and 4.6.2 for Windows XP and then the Linux version without any problems on both OS .
Now I wanted to upgrade to the latest version, ie to 5.1.1. Installation went smoothly (for the moment I am trying on Windows XP) but I discovered to my amazement that Qt Creator 2.8 was compiled with MS Visual C + + with MinGW and not as I would have expected given that the installation file is
qt-windows-opensource-5.1.1-x86-mingw48_opengl-offline.exe that says MinGW 4.8.
In any case, continue with the test and run the compilation of OpenGLWindow that proceeds successfully, but surprise, surprise when I start the compile I get these messages in the output window:

Starting C:\Qt\Qt5.1.1\5.1.1\mingw48_32\examples\gui\opengl window\release\openglwindow.exe
getProcAddress: Unable to resolve 'glCreateProgram'
getProcAddress: Unable to resolve 'glCreateProgramARB'
getProcAddress: Unable to resolve 'glCreateProgramObject'
getProcAddress: Unable to resolve 'glCreateShader'

Someone has happened the same thing ? What should I do ?

19th November 2013, 21:15
Install a video driver that provides OpenGL.

It does not matter what compiler was used to build Qt Creator: that does not affect the compilers and tool chains Creator can use to build your program. The MinGW48 offline installer contains a set of Qt libraries built with MinGW as well as a MinGW compiler, linker and tools to build your program with. All of that is irrelevant to your problem because the error messages you posted are from running the program, not compiling it.

20th November 2013, 10:29
Ok ChrisW67, then the sample program I posted I can not use it ?
It would be quite a problem as I wanted to have an example of the use of OpenGL with the new libraries of Qt 5.1.1 compared to 4.8.2.
I then tried to create a GUI program from scratch using the wizard of Qt, but also in this case the compilation is fine but not its execution:

exited with code -1073741819

I want to abandon the Qt 5.x.x and continue to use the old 4.8.2