View Full Version : Does the default QDialog closeEvent stop a QGLWidget from rendering

20th November 2013, 23:49
I have an application that creates a QDialog and within the dialog is a QGLWidget and I am not overriding the default behavior of clicking on the X button. I believe the default behavior is closeEvent being called when you click the X button, however I am curious does that stop a QGLWidget from rendering when closeEvent is called? I am seeing some intense memory increase when I open and close new QDialogs so I am wondering if the OpenGL rendering is still being done in the background.

Thanks for any help!

21st November 2013, 16:46
If QGLWidget is a child of the main QDialog, then it is deleted after you close the dialog.
Maybe the memory increase is caused by initialization routines of new widgets, not the cleanup ? Or maybe your program leaks memory somewhere ?