View Full Version : QGraphicsItem update() does not call paint() after some time??

22nd November 2013, 03:38
Hi All,
I am using qt-4.7 where i am trying to render multiple videos at 30 fps on the same screen using QVideoItem and QGraphicsItem
class VideoItem : public QAbstractVideoSurface,
public QGraphicsItem

I update the frame to be rendered in my class and call the update() in my code but my observation is after some time QGraphicsItem::paint() stops getting called. I am running at 90% + of system load. Are there any inputs as to why the paint() is not getting called to update the view??

Can i try bosting the main thread priority as with system load 90+% it may stop the ui thread??

I have no clue on this can there be some input on this.

Thanks in Advance.

Sudhish Kapoor

25th November 2013, 17:51
I got this working by calling the scene->update() in the Graphics Item.