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10th December 2013, 11:08
Hi All,

I am using Qt 4.8.5 on 32bit win7. I think I am running into bugs 61317, 61316 of webkit.
Look at: https://lists.webkit.org/pipermail/webkit-unassigned/2011-May/329719.html .

Here is my backtrace:

0 _NPN_DeallocateObject QtWebKitd4 0x100a70ce
1 _NPN_ReleaseObject QtWebKitd4 0x100a70b7
2 JSC::Bindings::CInstance::~CInstance QtWebKitd4 0x1015da2c
3 JSC::Bindings::CInstance::`vector deleting destructor' QtWebKitd4 0x1015e7ef
4 WTF::RefCounted<JSC::Bindings::Instance>::deref QtWebKitd4 0xf97b351
5 WTF::derefIfNotNull<JSC::Bindings::Instance> QtWebKitd4 0xfce15f4
6 WTF::RefPtr<JSC::Bindings::Instance>::~RefPtr<JSC::Bindings::Instance> QtWebKitd4 0xfe79fa2
7 JSC::Bindings::RuntimeObject::~RuntimeObject QtWebKitd4 0x1009c961
8 JSC::Bindings::CRuntimeObject::~CRuntimeObject QtWebKitd4 0x102a6ba8
9 JSC::Bindings::CRuntimeObject::`vector deleting destructor' QtWebKitd4 0x102a6bdf
10 JSC::MarkedBlock::allocate QtWebKitd4 0x102efe0f
11 JSC::MarkedSpace::allocateFromSizeClass QtWebKitd4 0x102ef842
12 JSC::MarkedSpace::allocate QtWebKitd4 0xf6f8da4
13 JSC::Heap::allocate QtWebKitd4 0xf6f8d51
14 JSC::JSCell::operator new QtWebKitd4 0xf6f8d25
15 cti_op_new_regexp QtWebKitd4 0x10355358
16 operator delete[] MSVCR100D 0x52347eee
17 JSC::JITCode::execute QtWebKitd4 0x1032c9eb
18 JSC::Interpreter::execute QtWebKitd4 0x10329ceb
19 JSC::evaluate QtWebKitd4 0x1030917a
... <More>

But problem is I am not allowed to access the bug details at:

https://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=61317 or


I need to know if the bug has been fixed and What version to use to get the fix or else if there is any workaround? Please do provide any info. Thank you.

Best regards,