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1st April 2014, 12:09
Contact me _BEFORE_ starting on this. I am only paying the person I authorize to work on this. Must be able to accept payment via PayPal, no exceptions.
email roland@logikalsolutions.com, do not leave post here.

Close doesn't count.


Must be done with 4.6 or 4.8 using QStyle or QProxyStyle.

Completely customized combobox using Svg files, not a bunch of line drawing. I'm not providing the graphics and this will be run on a target which doesn't have any other styles installed. I mean completely customized. Line edit, frame, arrow button, slider, background of the drop down list, etc.

Close doesn't count.

This is work for hire. No source code license or copyright notices in any of the files zipped together for delivery.

For those of you who do this every day it will probaby take an hour to put graphics, a QStyle, and a combobox together in one project.

Please don't contact me trying to sell me something I didn't ask for. I want what I want, nothing else. Sorry if this sounds harsh, but I'm tired of posting short little projects like ths around the Web and being inundated with hacks trying to sell stuff done with completely different tool sets on completely different platforms.

Remember. No copyright notice or source code license of any kind in the delivered materials. The ultimate target OS doesn't matter. This is a pure Qt project. NO STYLESHEETS

5th July 2014, 00:29
I don't know how to delete posts on here, but this need was filled quite a while back.