View Full Version : Window crashed when using USB TV Tuner

3rd April 2014, 09:02
Hi all,
I'm newbie with Qt and openCV.
I'm making an app that will capture live view of camera. It works with the webcam of laptop but whenever app is running with the camera through the EasyCap (USB TV Tuner) the window was crashed. The error is APC_INDEX_MISSMATCH.

1. Any idea how to stop the blue screen death of window?
2. How can I list all available camera devices with the devices name?

I'm using Window 8.1, 64bit, usb3, Qt 4.8.5 and openCV2.4.8.

Many thanks,

3rd April 2014, 22:19
1. Update the faulty driver. This Windows error code and crash has nothing to do with either Qt or OpenCV.

7th April 2014, 11:12
i will try with other device