View Full Version : Problem with QSslSocket Server app

3rd April 2014, 10:13
Hi all,

I'am writeing little chat application and stumbled across a problem. I wrote the app in QT5 on Windows and it works fine then a copy-paste it on Linux and problem occured. Everything compiles ok. When I'am trying to connect also ok both server and client emit "encrypted" and "connected" signal (no ssl errors or any other). When server sends message to client it receives ok but when client sends message to server it doesn't. Server doesen't throw any errors. When i disconnect server I get "QSocketNotifier: Invalid socket 20 and type 'Read', disabling..." message just like it was trying to receive but didn't finish. I've been working on this for some time now and cant't find answer.
I attached .cpp files of server and client and if anyone can help I'd be much obliged.