View Full Version : some question about QSplashScreen

11th April 2014, 04:21
Hi, I'm newbie in qt.

I'm implementing a simple program that have four mode (A,B,C,D Mode).

Mode switching is just change centralWidget A Widget to B Widget in my QMainwindow class.

I need loading process when program start first and switch each mode.

so, I add loading process at first application start by using QSplashScreen.

But switching mode in my qmainwindow class, qsplashscreen is not work even if call qsplashscreen.show()

So I wonder qsplashscreen is only able to use before my main qmainwindow class start.

If it's not, I want to see proper sample code that use qsplashscreen use not in main() but in qmainwindow.

I hope reply! thank you.