View Full Version : Prefixed for life?

16th April 2014, 07:48
Successfully built for VS 2013 using configure -prefix...but the problem I cannot move the Qt library directory where it was built otherwise I will get run time errors related to DLLs not found...I even tried to run the designer and assistant and they would not run unless the Qt folder is kept the same as it was built. Any idea if this can changed or do I need to rebuild without this -prefix option?


16th April 2014, 09:12
There are paths built into various files:

You might start by relocating the directory and putting a qt.conf file in the bin folder alongside qmake containing the new path:

Prefix = C:/Qt/5.2.1
Demos = demos
Examples = examples

Then see what else might need changing in "qmake -query"

16th April 2014, 19:32
Thanks! I will try this, and maybe next time rebuild without "prefix" option.