View Full Version : QTableView selection problem on mouse release on scrollbar - Mac OS only.

17th April 2014, 12:04
Dear All,
I have overridden QTableView class and in which on mouse release event I am taking selected cells using selectedIndexes() function.
My problem is on Mac OS only, when I drag on table view and releases mouse pointer on scrollbar though I can see selected cells in table view , selectedIndexes() function returns empty list and this happens on Mac only, I am using Mac 10.8.5.

Please reply, if someone has any idea about this.

Thank you,
Best Regards

22nd April 2014, 14:17
Hi All,
I just found a workaround for the above problem.
I have inherited a new class from QTableView class and in it's mouseMoveEvent handler, Every time selection changes, I stored current selected cell indexes list in class member variable and it works for me.