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19th April 2014, 13:22

I have a problem to send data from a doubleclick QListWidgetItem from a sub window to the parent window. I use the default connection:

SIGNAL(itemDoubleClicked(QListWidgetItem *)),
this, SLOT(openDiskWrap(QListWidgetItem *)));

With this I call the function in the sub window:

void OpenProject::openDiskWrap(QListWidgetItem *item)
int currentRow = ui.driveList->currentRow();
//openDisk(int index)


It works so far ok, but it seems that there is a sandbox because in Mainwindow / OpenDisk I get read errors (Access violation) in a QStringArray and other members of MainWindow.
So I think I have a logical flaw inside. What I finaly need to do is to send the Index of the driveList to the Mainwindow to open the selected drive.

Any suggestion help?


19th April 2014, 22:39
Hard to say with so little information. The likely options are that parentWidget() is null or not a MainWindow, or that currentIndex is -1 and openDisk() uses it as an out-of-bounds index to a list. Your debugger backtrace and exit error message will tell you which.