View Full Version : QPrinter with PaperSource enum not supported in Linux. Workaround?

22nd April 2014, 15:53

according to documentation (Qt 5.2), the PaperSource enum of QPrinter is currently not implemented for Linux. :( Is there any way, I can use the manual envelope feeder from my Qt app? My printer is a EPSON WP-4025.

I also noticed, Qt 5.3 is on its way. The feature list mentions some printing related stuff, but I could not see, if Linux support for paper sources will be included. Maybe somebody can clarify.

I also might just use QPdfWriter and print the PDF via lpr command.


23rd April 2014, 07:52
There are very substantial internal changes to print support in 5.3.

It would appear that paper source will be consistent across platforms according to:
"* The existing Win/Mac/Cups platform plugins have new print device implementations which behave consistently and offer the same feature set on all platforms."

You can try the 5.3 Beta or upcoming RC if you want to know for certain: http://download.qt-project.org/development_releases/qt/5.3/

23rd April 2014, 15:53
Thanks for the tip. I tested a snapshot from 22nd April '14 (linux-x64) and that actually worked. Got my manual tray working.
The documentation in that package still says, it's only implemented for Windows, but that will probably be corrected.