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26th April 2014, 21:31
I am facing the problem of importing my graph.
In the constructor of my window, I have the following code:

ui->customPlot->saveJpg(graphSName, 520, 520);

This work perfectly, but the image is saved in the same file with my executable.
The idea is to show a path to save the graph.
I have the following code:

void myMainwindow::save()
QString graphSName = QFileDialog::getSaveFileName(this, "Information", "Save", "Picture (*.jpg *.pdf. *png)");


void myMainWindow::saveGraphHere(QString &graphSName)
ui->customPlot->saveJpg(graphSName, 520, 520);

My connect is in the constructor of my MainWindow and as followed:

connect(saveButton, SIGNAL(clicked()), this, SLOT(save()));

The problem is that when I clicked on the saveButton, the program just crashes down.

I would be grateful to any help.

Many thanks in advance!

26th April 2014, 22:25
It seems likely that the value of "saveGraph" at line 4 is null, uninitialised, or invalid. Running the program in your debugger and inspecting the backtrace will tell you for certain where it failed.

26th April 2014, 22:41
Many thanks ChrisW67!
Such a mistake!

Yes, I did not initialise "saveGraph".

The problem is solved.

Many thanks for your help!