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2nd May 2014, 14:53
i enter password in lineedit, i entered wrong password so i have reset touch pushbutton so i press reset button in password line edit it clears wrong password but user again enter password it takes old password with new password or appended

password : 1111

done button reset button exit button

user press reset button

password :

again password enter by user

pasword : 11111111

but user only enter 4 digit only like 1111 but it takes previous value and preset value how to avoid previous value

why it takes appended

2nd May 2014, 16:33
Without any code that is impossible to say.

How do you reset the QLineEdit?
Do you take the value directly from it or do you process it before you check it.


3rd May 2014, 05:41
Disp :: reset ()

Added after 7 minutes:

ignore previous reply

Disp :: reset ()

passlineEdit ->clear();
passlineEdit ->setFocus();


here passlineEdit clears or empty lineEdit after again press pasword it takes previous password and present password

eg: first time user press 1234
so user enter wrong password therefore user press reset
in lineEdit in clears ok happy again enter password it takes previous pasword or appended
second time user press 1111
but it shows in lineedit 12341111

3rd May 2014, 09:19
Show us the code that takes the password text from the line edit.