View Full Version : Adding a KDChart Library to Visual studio with QT

20th May 2014, 10:40
i need Help with import a KDChart extern library in my Project.
Firstable i copy the full folder of KDChart in my project folder. I agree a .bat data and now i have problems.
I don´t know how to import the KDChart library in my Project.

I see an include and a src subfolder in this KDChart folder, but dont know who is the right.
I also see a .lib data but dont know i should use it and how.

Can someone help me how i install extern libraries in visual studio that i can include direct?
if i include i have to take the path of the KDChart-headerfile and can´t use direct the include<headerfilename>

i also cant debug without fault, because the compiler say, the datas are not linked in the project.